Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we will answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the International Saab Meeting 2016 (IntSaab2016). Please read this page before contacting us. If you have any question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us at or using our contact page.


Registration will be open until the end of March or until the event is sold out.
There will primary be approx 400 tickets released to the IntSaab event. If there is a substantial demand for the tickets we will consider a second release of a limited series within the registration time period after the practical possibilities are analyzed together with our arranging partners.

Ticket price will be 130EUR per adult person and 65EUR for children between 5-15 years old (bank transfer cost excluded).
If you use Paypal there is an additional cost taken by Paypal administration that we cannot avoid. The complete ticket price will then be 150EUR / 75EUR (with all bank transfer cost included).
Children 0-5 years old do not need a ticket, but we need to know their presence due to practical reasons.

The ticket price will include Friday evening barbeque party and the Saturday dinner party with live music and dance (No lunch will be included). Ticket will also include the entrance to the Swedish Airforce Museum and all activities that we arrange. And of course T-Shirts, printables and stickers, etc. We also plan for some car activities with driving skill excercises on Saturday.

Registration will be made in these steps:

1. Thanks to a huge effort made by the IT-department updating our systems, we are no longer bound to the webshop for registration.

Registration will be made by filling in a simple form on this website and then completing the steps in the registration acknowledgment mail.
Make sure that all contact information you give us is valid for the whole time period until the Intsaab meeting.

It will be possible to register individually, as a family or a small group of five.
It is important to notice that the person at the first position in the form is responsible for the whole groups registration, communication and payment.
We strongly recommend you to make one registration per car, even if you are a family or a group with more cars.

About children:
• Children under 5 years old are free, but we need to know if they will participate due to practical reasons.
• Children between 5 and 15 years old will be half the ticket price.
• Young people older than 15 years will register on ordinary tickets.

2. When registration is completed there will be an e-mail acknowledgement sent to the person who has registered the form. The e-mail will contain a copy of your registration data, information for payment.

Please note that it is possible to make booking at all hotels in the area. What we have done is to pick some of the best located hotels close to the event area and made a pre-reservation of available rooms dedicated for IntSaab purpose. (The camping site will have a special area reserved for Intsaab visitors, a ”SAAB-zone”).

3. The payment for the tickets shall be made within 20 days from registration to fully verify your registration.

Unpaid tickets will after 20 days be released and available for other guests.
Don’t worry, we will contact you in person if we can’t find your transaction before we cancel any registration.

4. Your selected pre-tour destination and contact details will be transferred to the different pre-tours groups that will plan the tour with the combined data from the registration.

That’s it!

Please note that registration is a tactic agreement for both individual and family/group registrations. No refunds will be made.



The camping site is located a couple of km north of the town centre at the beach of Lake Vättern. Daytime when we use our cars at the event, transport will be made by car. At the evenings there is a small “tourist train” that will be available for our purpose.


Cars can be parked outside the castle both day and night time in a special area. It is close to most hotels.