Linköping trip

Linköping is approx 50km / 1h drive from Vadstena. We will visit Linköping on Saturday. There will be scenic tour maps available both ways.

During the day we will have good Saab-fun. Main activities are:

  • Time Attack around a slalom course at the Saab Arena
  • Historic lunch show with premiere demonstration of the new Saab 92 at the actual place, Restaurant Terrassen at the SAAB factory
  • Swedish Air Force Museum

During the day in Linköping there will be an open Saab event where local Swedish Saab enthusiasts are welcome to visit and participate in some activities. However, the IntSaab visitors are premium guest that have a separate “fast lane” to the activities.

Even if it is a thing we would like to present for all Saab enthusiasts around the world, we have restricted access to the SAAB airplane factory. As you surely understand, due to safety regulations and military secrets we are not allowed to visit the inside of the airplane manufacturing site, but we are working on an official representative from SAAB especially for our event.

The official Linköping tourist site is available here:

The over-all region tourist website is found here: