UPDATED 2016-05-18

Pretours are organized by the local Saab Club members from the main entrance points in Sweden. Your selected pre-tour start destination and contact details will be transferred to the different pre-tours groups that will plan the tour with the data. They will get in contact with you in time and arrange the pre-tour according to the number of visitors and prepare more detailed information on this website.

If the number of participants interested in a specific pretour should be bigger than it is practical possible, the order of the registration will be the priority system.

Here is a simple pre-tour map for brief orientation. See information below.


Gothenburg – Trollhattan
Gothenburg – Trollhattan tour will start on Tuesday 9th with two nights in Trollhattan, and then continue via Karlsborg to finish in Vadstena on Friday.

More info: Pre-tour Göteborg / Trollhättan

Skane tour will start on Monday 8th. It will use a couple of days in Skane and join up in Almhult. There they will be guided by a new team of club members through Smaland to finish in Vadstena on Friday.

More info: Pre-tour Skåne – Småland

Karlskrona tour will start on two occations:
• Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th there will be club members welcoming international guests to Sweden with local activities and escorting them to Almhult if they want to join up that pretour.
• Thursday 11th there will be a direct drive to Vadstena in procession starting in Karlskrona.

More info: Pre-tour Karlskrona – Småland

Stockholm tour will start on Wednesday 10th and travel through the county of Sormland and Ostergotland for two days before entering Vadstena on Friday.

More info: Pre-tour Stockholm

The pre-tours that passes from Almhult and up through Smaland has a lot of activities in the area that is suitable for children.

There will be maps with points of interests for our guests and the local members will guide you to the right places. Most of the time our members will drive along with the IntSaab guests towards the end goal of the day.

Participants in the pre-tours are free to move as they like, but the pre-tour organizer groups will gather them every evening at a specific location at a given time to make sure that everyone is part of the Saab community.

The separate activities, accommodations, food, etc will be paid by each individual at the different locations during the pre-tour. The pre-tours organizers will give an estimate of the costs so you can make a good plan of your visit in Sweden.