Pre-tour Karlskrona – Småland

Welcome to Pre-tour Karlskrona – Småland.

First of all, we’re glad you’re joining our pretour! Our goal is that a fun trip with old and new friends. We also want you to see new parts of Sweden and it’s fantastic nature and culture!

Preliminary program.

We gather at the ferry port in Karlskrona on Tuesday. Look for the Saab club flag, you won’t miss it! We will present a number of attractions in the Karlskrona area.
Recommended camping is: Dragsö Camping & Stugby +46 455 153 54
For those who prefer staying in hotel there are a number of hotels in Karlskrona.

For those arriving on Wednesday, we will also meet you at the ferry port and continue to Småland together with the Tuesday arrivals.
Todays goal is Kosta in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal, Glasriket. Here Pre tour Skåne – Småland join us, we stay over night and have a barbeque. If you’re interested in glass culture, there’s no better place to go! Kosta Boda is todays largest producer of art glass.

You can stay at either Kosta camping or Kosta Boda Art hotel:
Camping: Kosta Bad & Camping

The pre-tour continues north at your own pace.
Recommended attractions in the area of Vimmerby are:

Astrid Lindgrens Värld
“Welcome to Astrid Lindgren’s World, where fairy tales come to life!
Astrid Lindgren’s World is actually many worlds, all in one place. Walking around the park you pass well-known settings such as Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley. Not far away, but in a whole other world, you’ll discover Matt’s Fort. Walk on and wouldn’t you know it, there’s Villekulla Cottage. And on the way you’ll have probably already stopped at Karlsson’s Roof and Katthult. These are all settings taken from Astrid Lindgren’s stories. But of course they wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without the people who live there. What would Villekulla Cottage be without Pippi? Or Matt’s Fort without robbers?
It is also possible to visit the well-known movie scenes from some of Astrid Lindgrens movies. The city of Vimmerby is also worth visiting.

MX World
A blend of unique technical innovations and bikes that have won World Championships, ridden by the great sporting legends of Motocross and Enduro. Thus far, this has resulted in a collection of around 230 bikes where each machine has its own, unique story. And what we are seeing now is only the beginning.
We will meet you at MX-World between 12-14 pm.

From 15 pm, we will be at Kisa Bilmuseum
Very nice collection of Saabs, but also other brands.

For those interested in staying in the area, we recommend Malexander Camping.
Malexander Camping,,
The tour leaders might continue to Vadstena.

Other information.

All campings, hostels etc, is to be booked and paid by the participants themselves.

Pre-tour Contacts.

Karlskrona part
Benny Svensson, +46705534086
Leif Hernström +46705514403
Kent Mattisson +46735211556

Småland part
Åke Olsson, , +46 70 564 02 01 
Stefan Gustafsson,  +46 70 351 33 10
Welcome to INTSAAB2016 and pre-tour Karlskrona – Småland!

Benny, Leif, Kent, Åke & Stefan