Pre-tour Stockholm


Pre-tour Stockholm cancelled

As earlier informed, the planned pre-tour Stockholm has been cancelled.

We are of course sorry for that, but we have two alternatives to offer.

  1. Join any of the other pre-tours.
  2. Take your own pre-tour based on the suggestion below:


Gripsholms Castle

On the shores of Lake Mälaren, Gripsholm Castle towers powerfully and fairytale-like over the idyllic small town of Mariefred in Södermanland. Gripsholm is known as Gustav Vasa’s castle, as it was he who built the castle here in 1537. Take time to wander slowly through the many rooms and winding passages. Gripsholm Castle is filled with over four-hundred years of history. See the Swedish State’s collection of portraits – featuring prominent Swedes from the days of Gustav Vasa to present day musician and composer Benny Andersson.  At Gripsholm you can take a royal stroll around the romantic castle grounds or meet the royal deer at the Hjorthagen nature reserve. Visiting address: Gripsholm, Mariefred. GPS: 59°15’20.7″N 17°13’11.3″E Opening ours: 14 May–September: Daily 10:00–16:00 Entrance fees: Adults SEK 120, Adult students: SEK 60, Children 0–7 years old free entrance (in the company of a guardian)


The Swedish Tank Museum – a museum filled with vehicles, both wheeled and tracked, from the early 1900’s to modern machines from the present day. Withness the smell and tecnical development, and confront the fate of war from our times. Visiting address: By car from the motorway (E20) Exit #135 to “Härad” and in the T-crossing take right towards “Strängnäs”. GPS:  59°22’2.9″N 16°55’53.0″E Opening ours: Every day 10.00-17.00 (last entry 16:30) Prices: Adult: 100 SEK, Pensioner: 80 SEK, Youth 12-17: 50 SEK, Children 0-11: free in adult company

Sparreholm, Caste & museums

Car Museum

Our car museum shows the automotive development from the late 1800s to the present day and includes one of Europe’s finest car collections. Right now we have about sixty veteran and classic cars in the hall, including Mercedes 540K from 1936 that was owned by Prince Gustaf Adolf, who was our king’s father, and Cadillac V8 from 1939 that was owned by King Gustav V and gave the name to the huge shopping area Kungens Kurva (”King’s Curve”) in Stockholm. Other unique cars in the collection are the Mercedes 300 SL ”Måsvingen” from 1955, Mercedes 290A of 1934 Cadillac V16 from 1931 that was ordered by Ivar Kreuger, Horch 853 from 1936, RR Silver Ghost from 1921, Hertel 1898, Clement Panhard from 1898 and Austin Ulster from 1931. In the che ceiling hovers around fifty models of vintage airplanes where the biggest, B17 Flying Fortress from 1942, has a 3.2 meters wingspan. Hundreds of model cars and accessories for vintage cars are also on display. The surroundings are supplemented by a large number of exciting enamel signs and beautiful old gas pumps.

Jukebox Museum

On the top floor in the old carriage house, where our summer café also is situated, you find Europe’s largest jukebox collection. Below are the technical development of positive, music boxes, phonographs and gramophones until the era of the jukeboxes. The exhibition shows jukeboxes from periods Antique Age, Silver Age and the colorful Golden Age.

Horse Carriage Museum

The carriage museum, located at Sparreholms Castle’s Horse Center, you can see a large number gigs, carriages and appliances, all connected to the horse. The collection includes some fifty carriages and sleighs from the late 1700s until the 1940s. You also find beautiful harnesses and wagon models as well as a saddlery. Most coaches have been collected and restored to excellent condition by Siv von Rosen. Visiting address:  Sparreholms Castle, 649 91 Sparreholm GPS: 59°5’1.0″N 16°49’37.6″E Opening ours: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-17:00 Prices: Visit one museum 100SEK / person, visits to two museums 170SEK / person, visits to all museums 250SEK / person Private guided tour of the carshow, 1.5 hours 800SEK in addition to the entrance fee, Kids under 6 years free, children 6-12 years half price.

Munktell museum (Volvo Construction Equipment)

Welcome to experience 180 years of Swedish industrial history! On the Munktell Museum in Eskilstuna, you can among other things see the first Swedish tractor from 1913, and the first wheel loader from 1954. You will also find the world’s first series-produced articulated hauler with the Swedish-sounding name ”GrusKalle”.  (in Swedish) Visiting address:  Munktellstorget,633 43 Eskilstuna GPS: 59°22’35.4″N 16°30’35.6″E Opening ours:  Monday-Friday   10.00–16.00 Prices: Adults 50SEK, Children 10-16 years & Seniors 30SEK, Children 0-9 years free Family 100SEK

Swedish Urban Transport Museum

Right in the middle of beautiful Sörmland is Malmköping, a small town with a history dating back to the 1700s. Here you will also find the museum tramway, with a large number of older trams used in the museum service between Malmköping and Hosjö. Visiting address:  Järnvägsgatan 4, Malmköping GPS:  59°7’58.6″N 16°44’11.7″E Opening ours:  25 June – 14 August, Daily 11.00 – 17.00 Prices: Adults 100SEK, Children aged 6-15 years 30SEK, Children under 6 years Free when accompanied by a paying passenger,Family (2 adults+ 1-5 children) 230SEK


Rejmyre Glassworks

In the vibrant and exciting glassworks met by the creativity and energy glowing all year round The mill began producing hand-blown glass in 1810, making it Sweden’s second oldest glassworks still in operation. It created unique and beautiful glass art, both utensils and ornaments, all year round in a creative and inspiring environment in Östergötland Rejmyre. Visiting address:  Glasbruksvägen 42,Rejmyre GPS:  58°49’51.9″N 15°55’41.2″E Opening ours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00

Berg locks

The Berg Locks are Göta Canal’s biggest attraction – the Carl Johan staircase, with its 7 connected locks.  It is quite a performance to see the boats navigate the stairs, fascinating many spectators. If you are lucky you may see one of the vintage canal boats Wilhelm Tham, Diana or Juno negotiating the locks. Visiting address:  Oscars Slussar 2, Vreta Kloster GPS:  58°29’7.6″N 15°31’42.8″E The locks is opening: kl 09.00 och 18.00.

Sweden’s broadcasting museum

”Stockholm-Motala” The famous radio call came from the broadcast station in Motala. Today, Sweden’s broadcasting museum housed in the historic building declared station from 1927. It features original transmitter from 1927, which had a power of 30 kW. It was soon replaced by the much stronger transmitter with a power of 150 kW, which was bought in 1935. Now you can see both the museum.

Visiting address: Radiovägen 20, Motala GPS:  58°32’43.8″N 15°2’32.9″E Opening ours: Daily 11.00 – 16.00 Prices: Free

Motala enginemuseum

On the seventh of May 2016 Motala Motormuseum opened the new exhibition, ”Cars that celebrities went in or owned”. For the first time outside Stockholm we display, among other objects, an armoured Lincoln that were bought to Sweden from USA to drive Nikita Chrusjtjov on an official state visit in Sweden 1964. Only Chrusjtjov had the honour to be driven in the car as the car broke down shortly after his state visit. We also display a Cadillac from 1966 that drove several chiefs of states as Indira Gandhi. The cars belongs to the Swedish Police museum in Stockholm. The exhibition runs until the 30:th of September.!home/ci58 Visiting address:  Platensgatan 2, Motala GPS: 58°31’58.6″N 15°2’11.3″E Opening ours: Monday to Saturday  08.00 – 21.00


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